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General Web Resources

Search Engines

  • Bing - Microsoft's alternative web search engine.
  • DuckDuckGo - A privacy-oriented search engine.
  • Google - The world's most popular web search engine.
  • TinEye - An image-oriented search engine.

Web Utilities

  • Downdetector - UK-based tracker for websites, mobile phone service, and other internet-based services.
  • Is It Down Right Now? - Another tracker of whether websites are online.
  • Speedtest - An online tool for checking internet speeds.
  • Whois - A website for looking up IP addresses.


  • Internet Archive - A comprehensive archive of old webpages and other software.
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Observatory Information

Journals and Publications

Databases and Scientific Image Archives


  • Astronomy Tools - Useful almanac information for amateur and professional astronomy.
  • CARTA - The image viewer designed specifically for radio and millimeter data.
  • CASA - The software package used for general radio astronomy data reduction.
  • Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Database - Multiple tools for modelling the brightnesses and colors of stars.
  • DS9 - The most flexible professional astronomy image display program.
  • Starburst 99 - A professional astronomy model that produces synthetic stellar population data.
  • SunCalc - A tool that overlays the position of the Sun on world maps.


Profession Information

Historical Information

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General science

General Reference

Scientific Publications

  • Overleaf - A website for writing journal articles online in LaTeX.
  • Scopus - A comprehensive index of scientific publications.
  • Web of Science - An alternate but heavily used index of scientific publications.

Medicine and Psychology

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention - The US government agency for researching and preventing diseases.
  • NHS - Information on both UK government medical services and general health issues.
  • WebMD - General health and medicine reference information.

Pseudoscience and Urban Legends

  • Circlemakers - The people who have made the most famous crop circles.
  • Skeptical Science - A website devoted to debunking claims that global warming is not happening.
  • - A famous archive of analyses of urban legends and other rumors.


  • Nukemap - Maps with overlays showing the effects of simulated nuclear bombs.
  • Units of Measurement - Information and historical background on almost all units of measurement.
  • What's New by Bob Park - A weekly column about science and politics written between 1987-2013.
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Software Repositories

  • GitHub - The very popular software development website.
  • - A repository of open-source software.

General Coding Information

Web Page Development


  • 1001 Fonts - A large collection of free fonts.
  • DaFont - A broad library of fonts.
  • Font Library - A selection of fonts with Creative Commons licenses.
  • Google Fonts - A small selection of free fonts from Google


  • Icons and Clip Art
  • Backgrounds
  • Miscellaneous
    • Coblis - A color blindness simulator.
    • watabou - A selection of fantasy map generators and other image generators as well as games.


Sound Effects


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Culture and History



  • Anish Kapoor - The official website of a modern artist who specializes in large geometric sculptures.
  • Drawing How To Draw - Various comic drawing tutorials.
  • Erwin Wurm - The website for the surrealist sculptor and performance artist.
  • Felt Mistress - Unusual plush creatures created by a fashion designer.
  • Marwencol - WWII scenes created with dolls and action figures.
  • Simon Stålenhag - The homepage of the artist known for his retro science fiction art.
  • Slinkachu - Photography of miniature figures in urban scenes.




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World News

  • BBC News - The news from the United Kingdom's main broadcasters.
  • CNN - News from the popular cable network.
  • Political Wire - Short notes on American political news.
  • Retro Report - Videos from the New York Times examining past news stories.

United Kingdom News

United Kingdom links icon

United Kingdom


  • GOV.UK - The official website for the UK government.
  • Embassy of the U.S. London - Includes information for United States citizens living in the United Kingdom.
  • Environment Agency - The United Kingdom agency charged with environmental protection and flood defense.






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Travel Guides

Travel Tools

  • time and - Worldwide time and calendar information.
  • World Standards - Reference information on electrical, driving, and other standards.
  • XE - Currency conversion tools.
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  • Comic Collections
    • GoComics - Popular newspaper comic strips as well as other comics from the web.
    • Webtoon - A large webcomic platform with multiple webcomic stories.
  • Ongoing Comics
    • The Automan's Daughter - A cyberpunk story set in a futuristic Ottoman Empire.
    • Ava's Demon - A story set in the far future about a girl who makes a pact with a demon-like sorceress.
    • Buttersafe - Simple but surreal comics.
    • Daughter of the Lilies - A fantasy-based story featuring a quartet of psychologically-complex mercenaries.
    • Em Cartoons - An autobiographical comic strip about living in London.
    • For Tomorrow - A fantasy webcomic set in the early twentieth century.
    • Kamikaze - A story set in a dystopian future about a freerunner in a socially stratified society.
    • Miss Melee - A webcomic about a martial artist balancing her housewife and superhero activites.
    • Optipess - Short, cynical comic strips featuring a man with square glasses.
    • Questionable Content - A long-running webcomic about hipsters and robots.
    • Savage Chicken - Cartoons on sticky notes.
    • Scary Go Round - Stories about supernatural events in small English towns.
    • Selkie - A story about an adopted amphibious humanoid girl and her human father.
    • Sleepless Domain - A complex story featuring magical girls.
    • The Specialists - A story about WWII-based superheroes.
    • Vanguard - Superhero comics set in the United Kingdom.
    • xkcd - The popular science-oriented webcomic.
  • Completed Comics


  • Computer Games
    • GameFAQs - Hints and walkthroughs for many popular video games.
    • GeoGuessr - A web game based on identifying random scenes from Google Streetview.
  • Board and Card Games
    • BoardGameGeek - A large database and discussion board for board and card games.


Music and Broadcast Audio

  • Music Archives
    • Bandcamp - A source of music and other audio from small labels and independent artists.
    • - Creative commons music for audio and video production.
    • The Mod Archive - An archive of computer-generated music in various 1990s module formats.
    • SoundCloud - Another popular source of online music.
  • Internet Radio
    • Digitally Imported - A collection of electronic internet radio stations.
    • RadioTunes - A broad selection of internet radio stations with various music genres.
    • SomaFM - An eclectic mix of electronic, lounge, indie, and pop music radio stations.
  • Miscellaneous


  • - The official website of the National Football League.
  • Six Nations - The official website for the international rugby competition.
  • Strava - The popular workout tracking app and website.


Video, Film, and Television

Miscellaneous links icon


  • Character Name Generator - A broad set of random name generators.
  • H I Sutton - Expert creator of ship diagrams.
  • - Compilations of critics' scores of movies, TV, music, and games.
  • - The official website of the Nobel Foundation.
  • Paper Sizes - Straightforward information on paper sizes and formats.
  • Random Lists - A website for creating lists of random words, names, addresses, and other things.
  • TopTenREVIEWS - A broad range of reviews with a heavy emphasis on computers.